Accident Investigation


Our new Accident Investigation course is a comprehensive course, covering an investigation into all -  from a ‘minor incident’ to a more serious accident.
As you know , only the SACAA are permitted to investigate a fatal accident within our borders. 

If you wish to attend and monitor the scene of an accident, and certainly you need to understand what happened in the accident as per your industry requirements. 
Your company may require you to conduct your investigation as to the causes and to recommend remedial action.  Insurance companies also may require the operator to submit an accident report.



The course covers everything to do with causes, recommendations, independent and international investigations, field investigation including initial actions, wreckage distribution and accident diagrams.

Locating and interviewing witness – what problems to anticipate and practical problems and difficulties.  The course covers the Cognitive, Behavioural, Aeromedical, Psychological and Organizational perspective of the accident and much more.


Target Market :

Safety Officers, Quality Managers, OSH personnel, Employee Well-being managers.


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