There are currently three volumes, each comprised  of normally six notebooks. In each notebook,  there are normally six lessons devoted to the areas that are crucial to leadership  development.  Principles from the curriculum can be used and integrated into the leadership  growth process, to enable the participant a full hands-on understanding and learning opportunity. The curriculum allows for any ratio combination of experiential, class and workplace applications. The curriculum can also be adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual client, with lessons combined,  added, adapted or discarded. The generic curriculum is therefore summarised as follows for the required leadership  development  programme:

As Dr John C. Maxwell says, “leadership development  is not an event, it’s a process”.  As such, EQUIP intends for each of these notebooks  to be used not in isolation, but rather as one step in a larger leadership  journey.

Volume  One


Foundation  Formation: Integrity, Ethics, Humility, Motives, Core Values


Desired outcomes:


• Leaders understand that

‘leadership is influence’ and that every person has potential to grow and develop  as a leader.


• Leaders embrace the process of leadership over a lifetime.


• Leaders are adequately equipped to multiply and invest in other leaders, and they start to train others  in what they are learning.


• Leaders exhibit growth in their leadership journey.


• Leadership begin to apply the leadership principles to their life and work.


Volume  Two


The notebooks in Volume Two are thematic and each is based on one of Dr John C. Maxwell’s best-selling books.


Skill Formation: Developing People, Communicating, Team-Building, Problem-Solving


Desired outcomes:


• Leaders grow deeper in specific areas of their personal leadership.


• Leaders not only continue  to train others,  but implement  what they have learned  to positively impact their sphere of influence.


• Leaders intentionally mentor at least 5 other leaders.


• Leaders narrow in on their talents and gifts to fulfill their calling in the workplace.


Volume  Three


In Volume Three, the  core  focus  is empowering and encouraging  leaders  to take full ownership of their mandate and processes in their sphere  of influence. EQUIP empowers  leaders to initiate further training in their own sphere of influence and beyond, as the curriculum equips them in the areas of leadership and teamwork.


Strategic Formation: Effective Planning, Priorities, Vision


Desired Outcomes:


• The influence of the leaders compounds as a result of how they have grown throughout the process.


• Leaders apply teamwork principles to fulfill their vision.

• Leaders internalize an understanding of stewardship and are people-minded.



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