Marine Stability

Course Overview

Fundamental principles of Stability & Ballast Control for personnel working on MODUs (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) who require Marine Training and licensing. The course is also a pre-requisite for obtaining a United States Coastguard or Foreign Flag State License as Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor or Control Operator

Course Content

  • Initial Stability Theory
  • Moments & Centres of Gravity
  • Draft, List & Trim Calculations
  • Free Surface Effect
  • Jack-up Operations in Elevated and Afloat Conditions
    • Introduction and overview
    • Hydrostatic Tables, Tank Tables, Load Form Calculations
    • Storm Survival Preparations, Load distribution calculations, Leg reaction calculations
    • Damage Stability, Damage Control
    • Worst Case Scenarios, Self-elevating unit
  • Semi-submersible Operations
    • Introduction and overview of semi-submersible MODUs
    • Hydrostatic Tables, Tank Tables and Piping Systems
    • Mooring and Towing
    • Effect of weight, ballast & free surface on stability, Ballast Control Operations
    • Storm Survival Preparations
    • Damage Stability & Damage control
    • Worst Case Scenarios, Surface units 


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