National N-Diploma: Electrical Engineering (Includes N4 – N6 Certificates)

The National N-Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a three year post-matric qualification consisting of a theoretical part (N4 – N6) and two years industry experience in the Electrical Engineering field. The N4 – N6 Certificate Programmes are post-matric National Certificates leading towards obtaining a National N-Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Each certificate is a qualification on its own and is offered over a period of 3 months. These certificate programmes differ from the NC(V) course in that there is no practical component included in this course.


Graduates completing this programme, may gain access to the following career opportunities:

  • In the electrical industry or any other industry or organisation that requires the qualification, knowledge and skills obtained by studying towards the National N-Diploma in Electrical Engineering.


Achieving the necessary entry requirements at academic level upon completion of your National N-Diploma will enable a graudate to continue studying at an institution of Higher Education, such as a University of Technology or a University.


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