Amandla Offshore Oil & Gas Education and Training

 A.O.O.G strives to be the best and leader in the oil & gas offshore & maritime industry worldwide , wherever we operate.
This translates to being the best for customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community. Leading in  training, innovation, safety, knowledge and equipment , sales and maintenance.
All of which essentially comes down to the underlying values on which we base our business: integrity, professionalism and team work.

Mission statement:

At A.O.O.G we aim to provide our learners with the highest quality training , irrespective of background, skill or experience. We will ensure that our programs are always up to date and delivered by sector qualified and experienced trainers in order to ensure that the best possible learning experience is achieved. We further aim to ensure that our fees will always represent the best possible value for money and educational experience for our learners, while constantly ensuring quality customer service and delivery. It is our ongoing goal to improve  and increase skills within the Oil and Gas, MARITIME AND OFFSHORE TRAINING industry as it is our belief that knowledge leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to excellence. 


Elementary First Aid At Sea

This course is for anyone intending to go to sea so that they possess a basic knowledge of the immediate action to be taken upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency aboard ship. This course is for seafarers joining the super yachts or cruise line industry.


Courses Offered:

  • 5 day: Offshore Survival Course
  • 3 day: Offshore Survival Refresher Course 
  • 1 day: STCW95 Courses - Safety at Sea Familiarization  
  • 1 day: Compentency in Security Awareness 
  • 2 day: Designated Security Duties 
  • 2 day: P.S.S.R (Personal Safety & Social Responsibility)
  • 2 day: P.S.T (Personal Survival Techniques) Run as a Separate Course
  • 4 day: PSSR & PST (run together)
  • 2 day: Elementary First Aid at Sea
  • 3 day: Medical First Aid
  • 3 day: Marine Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention 
  • 9 day: Basic STCW (includes Elementary First Aid at Sea, PSSR, PST and Marine Fire Fighting)
  • 9 day: STCW course (specifically for Cruise Liners and Super Yachting only)
  • 10 day: Full Basic STCW (includes Competency in Security Awareness, Elementary First Aid at Sea,PSSR & PST and Marine Fire Fighting)  
  • 10 day: STCW course (specifically for Cruise Liners and Super Yachting only)
  • 10 day: Full Basic STCW (includes First aid at sea, PSSR & PST and Marine Fire Fighting) 
Course Fees:
  Please enquire as to the fees at the time of booking. All bookings made and paid for in advance will not attract additional costs. Course fees MUST be paid in advance or as arranged to  ensure your place on course.
• Please bring along your proof of payment on day one.
• Payment can be made via EFT, Credit Card, Direct deposit or Cash. Due to problems in the past



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