Amplo Atlas

Atlas Amplo has an exclusivity agreement in place to provide internationally certified training, specifically for oil and gas, but also for the general commercial industry.

Atlas is the leading global provider of innovative training and e-learning – focused on protecting people, assets and corporate reputation ( and together we are making a difference in the oil and gas industry by:

  • Meeting your learning, compliance and competency objectives

  • Increasing employee productivity

  • Providing a comprehensive and updated library of industry specific courses

  • Protecting your people, assets and corporate reputation

  • Providing 230 technical and safety e-learning courses

  • Reducing training costs by between 40 and 60%

  • Investing in the future of your employees through training and development that makes a difference.

Most of the Courses, Atlas accredited, can be completed at the convenience of the client at the premises and in the time of the client, provided the client has sufficient internet connectivity.  Opito accredited courses however needs to be completed at our Accredited Training Centre in Saldanha Bay.

For courses to be done at the premises of the client, Amplo will administrate the courses and provide access to the relevant course material.  All the client has to do is select the courses, provide Amplo with the detail of the learners as per the order form,  pay the prescribed fee into Amplo Development Services bank account, and within 7 days, Amplo will activate the course material for the various learners and provide them with the access codes. All the learners have to do is access the Amplo portal on the Atlas website as per the link that would be provided, log onto the company and learner profiles, insert the access code provided by Amplo and the course material will stream to the computer of the learner in real time.  On successful completion of the study material, Atlas will issue the relevant proof of performance certificate to the learner.

Courses Offered

Course Schedule Region
Health and Safety and Introduction to Oil and Gas eLearning Courses
Health and Safety
eLearning Western Cape


8 Kleinwitteklip Street
7380 Vredenburg, Western Cape
South Africa


t: 27 22 7132999
f: 27 22 7133857