Offshore Africa Training Centre (OATC)

Offshore Africa Training Centre (OATC) is the ONLY OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation) accredited training centre in South Africa.

OATC's accreditation covers  two entry level courses to the oil and gas industry, namely:

  • R1 OPITO Rigger Programme - Stage 1 & 2
  • BS1 OPITO Banksman and Slinger Programme - Stage 1 & 2


The practical component of the OPITO Rigger Training stage 1 course is conducted inside the Training Centre and is 100% undercover. There are two rigging frames and a variety of objects that get lifted during your practical training. This is where you will get the feel of what is involved in the tasks that will be required of you when you work Offshore. The objects that are moved are all of various shapes and sizes ensuring you are well tested.

The OPITO Banksman & Slinger Stage 1 practical training is conducted in a closed-off crane yard about 200 metres from the training centre within Mega Park. Here the delegate will be directing a crane first with hand signals and then with hand-held radio communication as is practised Offshore. 

Courses Offered


Unit 44 Mega Park, Peter Barlow Road (Cnr Mill Street)
Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa


t: +27 21 9511 744