RopeWorkz, formelly known as the ROPE ACCESS TRAINING CENTRE, started in Pretoria in 1998, facilitating the first IRATA (Industrial Rope AccessTrade Association)  ROPE ACCESS training in South Africa.

After 5 years of successful training in Pretoria, the Rope Access Training Centre moved to Cape Town. The ROPE ACCESS TRAINING CENTRE’s name changed to ROPEWORKZ, and the training focused on IRATA.

Within 2 years ROPEWORKZ was awarded probationary IRATA company membership. During this time ROPEWORKZ was sharing a training venue with TRAINGWORKZ. Then in 2010 ROPEWORKZ became a full IRATA member and moved to its own training venue.

Whether it is ROPE ACCESS TRAINING with international recognition, equipment requirements, or WORK AT HEIGHT know-how that you need, RopeWorkz will be able to facilitate you.


IRATA Member Company: 7009/0T


Courses Offered

Course Schedule Region
IRATA Rope Access Training Level 1, 2 and 3
Rope Access
Skills/Short Programme Western Cape


Unit 2 Station Terrace, 34 Station Road
Montague Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa