SAOGA launches Marine, Oil & Gas Academy

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SAOGA launches Marine, Oil & Gas Academy

SAOGA has consulted widely with industry and private and public training institutions across the Further Education and Higher Education bands on the issue of developing a coherent instrument for Marine, Oil & Gas skills development delivery.
The SAOGA Oil & Gas academy will nurture an enabling environment for human capital development in the Marine, Oil & Gas industry in South Africa and beyond.

The intention is to provide improved access to globally benchmarked Marine, Oil & Gas training programmes in the Southern African region.
With the development of Oil & Gas Fields off the West and East Coast of Africa, a critical need exists to establish a skills hub to support the skills required to undertake the various projects in the region. Shale gas exploration and production further emphasizes the need for a coherent approach to skills development. 

In addition to developing the local skills base, it is the intention of the Academy to attract international training providers to South Africa to enhance the skills of the industry.

“The Academy represents a significant step forward in coordinating the  skills initiatives from industry, government and training focused on Oil & Gas,”

says Ebrahim Takolia, CEO of SAOGA.

SAOGA’s Skills Development Manager, Adrian Strydom, will lead the development of the Marine, Oil & Gas Academy.

“The areas of intervention include: artisan development, through work placement programmes; technical education by supporting initiatives by technical colleges; and highly skilled professional development by working with relevant faculties at universities;”

says Strydom.

“The website will serve as a portal for information on courses; training providers; job opportunities; and career guidance.”