Air-Conditioning Technician


Rensearch Placements


01 May 2020

Reference Number



R30,000 - R35,000 pm cost to company incl benefits


Role Summary

This role requires a qualified technician with extensive practical experience in HVAC equipment and interactions with customers such as contractors, facilities or maintenance managers and owners. They will be responsible for maintaining and repairing of all types of Trane equipment found in commercial buildings, industrial buildings and mines.

Strong technical skills are a vital part of this role along with reliability, consistency and strong attention to detail including computer and administration skills.

Role Responsibilities

- Technical knowledge and application for the following equipment:
- Air cooled and Water-cooled chillers
- Rooftop Package Units
- Air handling Units
- Fan Coil Units
- Cooling Towers
- Pumps
- Equipment maintenanceCarry out minor, major service's and fault finding on any of the equipment listed above including the following:

Inspection of v-belts
Inspection of motor pulley drives
Motor and bearing lubrication
Inspection of fan assemblies
Perform compressor efficiency testing
Perform and verify super heats
Perform and verify sub-cooling
Inspect unit condensate drain systems
Inspect all unit safety settings
Extract oil sample from the units
Change oil and filters on the unit
Clean air-cooled and water-cooled evaporators and condensers
Able to extend of vacuum on the system
Able to analyse running conditions and adjust settings based on running conditions and efficiencies.

- Equipment repairs

Locate and test for leaks
Repair and testing of all safety equipment
Safeties - knowledge of installation / calibration of HP / LP Oil pressure / differential water flow / paddle water flow switch / air flow switch / duct static pressure / sensors
Remove and replace refrigerant
Remove and replace pc boards, sensors, transducers
Removal and replacement of compressors and major equipment (service valves, installation of condenser, installation of evaporator, installation of correct size expansion valves)

- Customer interactionIdentify areas where we can generate sales for maintenance, spares, repairs or full equipment replacementPrepare the equipment needed for the quotation and expected number of hours to complete the job
- Generate detailed (legible) reports on word to motivate a repair, service or reasoning for the damage to the equipment
- Motivate the need for our services and send lead to the service manager and supervisor to quote
- OtherEquipment commissioningElectrical connections and fault finding
- Motor starts (direct online / star delta / part wind)
- General knowledge of building management systems and HVAC controls

Correctly size a motor and compressor as well as the amperage according to the system's capacity
Variable speed drives installation, maintenance and repairs
Unit control programming e.g. set point and correct operation of controller
Coaching and mentoring apprentices

Experience and qualifications:

- Matric
- Industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration trade test qualification
- Minimum of 5 years practical experience working in HVAC plant rooms
- Minimum of 5 years practical experience working on chillers

Skills Required

- Personal Skills
- Communication (Verbal and Written)
- Time Management
- Problem Solving
- Teamwork
- Independence
- Computer Skills

Contract Type:

Permanent, Permanent/Contract


South Africa