Captain - Training Assessment


M-Ploy Global Resourcing


10 Jan 2018

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- Manage, coordinate and conduct all training for Marine Pilot Services in accordance with the company requirements, Standard Operating Procedures and Policies


- Matric
- Hold a current ATPL-H or CPL-H
- Minimum of 2000 hours total flight time, 1000 hours on helicopters, 500 hours turbine time, 500 hours twin helicopter time
- Grade II Instructor Rating
- Winch Rating
- Sling Rating
- Minimum of 8 years' relevant experience in Aviation Operations
- Operational knowledge of the company functions within Marine Pilot Services


- Conduct all training in accordance with the SACAA Regulations
- Train and develop junior pilots and elated functional personnel
- Keep records of all training carried out
- Liaise with Flight Operations, Chief Pilot, Safety and Quality Officer and Engineering to ensure that all flight crew members comply with the respective requirements
- Carry out proficiency checks, licence renewal and instrument checks
- Responsible for advising Flight Operations and Chief Pilot of procedures that contribute to a safer, more economical and efficient operation of the aircraft
- Compile and issue competency certificates on successful completion of training
- Ensure re-currency training is carried out as prescribed by SACAA regulation and the organisation standard operating procedures
- Responsible for high training standards within the organisation
- Plan daily flight missions in accordance with marine traffic demands and Port Control directives
- Prepare aircraft resources and loading schedule for marine pilot transfer and port related functions
- Perform pre-flight checks and safety briefings to ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements
- Safely transfer marine pilots to vessels as they call and depart from the shores of the South African Port system
- Ensure compliance with Civil Aviation Regulations, SASMA and the National Ports act No. 12 of 2005
- Ensure evacuation of accident victims and persons in distress
- Conduct port related flights in accordance with the organisation and customer requirements
- Determine flight routes in accordance with approved aeronautical requirements and charts
- Liaise with Port Control and Air Traffic Navigation Services
- Record take-off and landing times to fulfil scheduling requirements
- Ensure customer satisfaction performance
- Assist in delivering a 24 hour seamless operation to enhance port productivity in line with the organisation business objectives and customer demands
- Contribute to business reputational enhancement by minimising incident and accident occurrences within the port system
- Respond promptly to Port Control directives to enhance vessel turnaround times
- Perform any other ad hoc duties assigned by the Flight Operations Manager



- Aviation rules and safety guidelines
- Helicopter operation procedures and systems
- Public safety and security
- Transportation systems and procedures
- Port rules
- Customer and personnel service
- Mathematical applications
- Flight planning and execution
- Navigational data processing
- Part 141 (Aviation Training Organisations)


- Good verbal and written communication
- Excellent time management
- Good judgement and decision making
- Multi-tasking
- Team player
- Change agent


- English language proficiency
- Radio telephony proficiency

- Computer and electronics applications

Contract Type:

Permanent, Permanent/Contract




South Africa