Executive Manager Liquid & Gas


M-Ploy Global Resourcing


06 Sep 2017

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- Lead the development and portfolio management of new business opportunities within a selected strategic growth cluster (Liquids & Gas) through rigorous stages of concept design, preparation and establishment to generate new revenue streams for Company
- Develop collaborative and innovative product, commercial and funding solutions for each new business opportunity through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders/partners
- Develop business partnerships with the private sector where required to extend Company's footprint and service offerings and increase its developmental and transformational impact in the economy
- Leverage and optimize Company's integrated capabilities and assets to ensure long-term growth and sustainability in line with the MDS and Company 4.0 strategy


- A relevant Master's degree is required
- At least 15 years' experience in a complex and multi-faceted business environment including 10 years at a general/ executive management level is required of which
- 10-12 years' should be in a multi-disciplinary team management
- 10-12 years' experience in both business strategy and transactional management
- 10-12 years' experience in project management and/or private sector participation transactions
- 10-12 years' experience in cross-functional transactional management
- 10-12 years in stakeholder engagement management with government and industry
- 10- 12 years' experience in business innovation


- Lead the development and portfolio management of new business initiatives within the Liquids & Gas growth cluster through rigorous stages of strategy, concept design, mobilization, business preparation and establishment
- Lead the development of collaborative and innovative product, commercial and funding solutions for the new business opportunity
- Collaborate with internal-and external stakeholders and advisory services in the various stages of the project development and mobilization
- Utilize private sector partnerships, acquisitions, mergers and other innovative commercial structures to achieve optimal solutions
- Manage progress in each stage of the funnel through rigorous programme and project management capabilities
- Report and elevate risks and decision-making as required to various governance bodies
- Motivate to secure the required capital investment and innovative funding models for the new business ventures
- Exploit technology and digital solutions to shape and enhance the commercial propositions and product offering
- Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to expand the new business solution regionally and globally
- Establish partnerships with other SOCs and optimize alignments with government's industrial development programmes to unlock investment opportunities, economic zones and sectors that can create jobs and skills
- Present rigorous submissions in alignment with company strategy on the proposed growth opportunities and new business propositions to the relevant governance structures within Company and to regulatory authorities as required
- Ensure that risk management oversight is established for the growth portfolios, programmes and projects under development
- Develop and lead productive interaction with relevant external stakeholders across private sector and government
- Serve on relevant governance structures within Company as required
- Track and monitor contractor performance, provide performance feedback in accordance with agreed policies and procedures and take corrective action where required
- Plan budgets and manage a portfolio Cost Centre in accordance with Company's systems, policies and procedures
- Develop and refine Company policies as required to ensure sound governance for the oversight of Company's growth and diversification activities
- Ensure compliance with regulations, Company policies and delegation frameworks in all transactions
- Manage ethical, compliant and efficient bidding processes for the approved new business portfolio and private-sector partnership transactions


Knowledge & Skills

- In depth knowledge and understanding of Company's mandate and business
- In depth knowledge of the liquids and gas sector commercial value chains
- In depth knowledge of trends in the energy sector, globally, regionally and locally
- In depth understanding of commercial trade-offs in the structuring of new ventures and the transaction processes to establish new business
- Policies, processes and procedures in SOCs for commercial transactions
- Structuring financial deals
- Commercial contracts
- Project and portfolio management
- Risk and opportunities management
- Managing ideation
- Procurement strategies and procedures
- Legal due diligence
- Sound knowledge of relevant legislation and legal due diligence
- Ability to direct others
- Willingness to travel domestically and abroad
- Functional Skills

- Change Management
- Conceptual Ability
- Conflict Management
- Information Capacity
- Communication
- Problem Solving
- Purpose Building
- DecisionMaking

Strategy & Sustainability

- Strategic Thinking

- Formulates strategies and business and business plans to achieve the overall organizations direction

- Commercial Awareness

- Keeps abreast of internal and external factors that can impact the business

- Innovating

- Generates new ideas or solutions by thinking "outside of the box", review current processes or systems and identifies ways to optimize them

Inspirational Leadership

- Inspiring People

- Leads by example. Inspires, motivates and empowers team members to do their best

- Managing Talent

- Provides clear direction and sets performance standards/requirements for the team

- Leading Change

- Leads and directs change initiatives

- Embracing Diversity

Contract Type:

Permanent, Permanent/Contract


South Africa