Unit Manager: Biomedical Mass Spectrometry


Stellenbosch University


07 Mar 2018

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The aim of the Central Analytical Facility (CAF) http://www.sun.ac.za/english/faculty/science/CAF is to ensure optimal utilisation of expensive multi-user research equipment in the service of the research community of Stellenbosch University, and the South African research and development sector in general. The Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Unit is a new unit that is being created to house a variety of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and other equipment which is used in proteomics and pharmacology research. The Unit will provide the necessary expertise and support to enable this collection of equipment to deliver the maximum possible benefit to research at Stellenbosch University. In addition, the Unit will provide services to external University and industry clients to enable it to be cost effective.

The manager will be responsible for all aspects of the functioning and governance of the facility, including:

- Managing staff within the Unit;
- Planning the expansion of the analytical facilities in accordance with research needs;
- Writing grant applications to secure funding for new equipment;
- Planning the services provided by the facilities to such an extent that the research interests of Stellenbosch University are best served and the Unit can function cost effectively and sustainably;
- Planning an implementation of responsible management of the equipment, from maintenance, through adequate provision for unexpected interruption of electrical/gas/cooling supply, to having policies and measures in place to prevent the analysis of matrices that will compromise equipment functioning;
- Formulating policy and procedures that encourage the training of selected researchers to perform their own analyses in the laboratory;
- Refining existing methods and development of new methods for analysis of different types of samples, so as to maximise sustainability and research impact of the Unit;
- Managing the general administration of the Unit, including reporting to CAF Administration;
- Managing relationships and communication with clients of the Unit;
- Waste management;
- Marketing the facility.

Contract Type:

Permanent, Permanent/Contract




Stellenbosch University
Western Cape
South Africa