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21 May 2020

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Our client, a major manufactiring concern is seeking to appoint a Vehicle Service Centre Manager.

The purpose of the job is Managing the activities of the vehicle service centre to ensure efficient operations.

Daily Service Centre Activities
- Manage the productivity levels of the team through monitoring their activities
- Determines vehicle condition by conducting inspections and diagnostic tests; identifying worn and damaged parts.
- Reconditions and replaces parts, such as pistons, bearings, gears, valves, and bushings, using engine lathes, boring machines, hand tools, and precision measuring instruments.
- Corrects vehicle deficiencies by removing, repairing, adjusting, overhauling, assembling, disassembling, and replacing major assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, parts, or systems and performing preventive maintenance
- Execution of the same as above

Service Centre Management Activities
- Manage and oversee all operations to ensure compliance with quality standards.
- Manage relationships with all clients, internal and external.
- Take accountability for the scheduling of service intervals of all vehicles.
- Conduct price negotiations to reach a favourable price point.
- Oversee the procurement of all parts, automotive equipment and various other items required in the department.
- Manage trips of Stock Controller so it is both cost and time effective.
- Monitor inventory to regulate and ensure availability of required parts and components.
- Complete all required reports to Operations Manager and Technical Maintenance Manager on a required basis.

Supervisory Responsibilities
- Management of the service centre staff.
- Daily Generation of staff schedules to meet service centre needs.
- Ensure that Journeymen and Assistants use equipment and tools efficiently to ensure optimum productivity.
- Develop team environment in department and resolve all issues. Motivate staff to develop a positive working environment and productive attitude.
- Assist with HR / IR related issues and partake in Performance Evaluation Process.

Quality and Food Safety Responsibilities
- Ensures compliance with all regulatory and food safety requirements
- Implements plans to correct any problems that are identified, determines where and why the problem occurred, and oversees specific corrective action
- Manage the disposal of waste, such as used oil, to ensure adherence to health and safety regulations.

Housekeeping and Safety Standards
- Take reasonable care for own health and safety as well as the health and safety of others physical performance
- Wear the correct PPE in accordance with the company policy and procedures
- No interference or abuse of any health, safety and environmental welfare equipment.
- Be actively involved in the OHS System, partake in OHS activities as and when directed
- Keep work areas clean and free from hazards and risks
- Ability to understand and follow safety measures
- Ensure all regulatory requirements, standards, company systems, procedures and policies are met in all actions on company premises.
- Be actively involved to protect and improve performance of the OHS system, support the OHS system and partake in OHS activities, such as OHS meetings, safety days, training, investigations (where applicable), risk assessments, simulations, job observations, drills and exercises.
- Provide leadership and direction by helping sub ordinates ensure compliance in all quality, food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental systems, policies and procedures.
- Maintain and monitor required documentation in accordance to quality, food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental systems, policies and procedure requirements.
- Addressing and correcting inappropriate behaviours, actions and decisions trough disciplinary action.
- Access health and safety risks and ensure mitigating controls are in place
- Ensure and monitor effective maintenance of machinery and equipment
- Ensure no unsafe work is permitted without the relevant safety work permits obtained

Team Work
- Actively participate as a member of the team
- Performing any other task, not specified herein, which from time to time may be assigned by the manager.

- Professional and personal development and continuous learning are necessary to maintain the quality of staff and their continued readiness and ability to contribute effectively to the mission and goals of the business. It is thus expected of all senior staff to actively seek out and engage themselves in such activities, seminars, further learning or any other approved activity to attain this objective.

- Job Contacts
− Operations Manager
− Forklift Operators / Drivers
− Staff
− Service Providers
− Warehouse Manager
− HR Manager
− Production Manager
− Maintenance Manager

Educational Background:
➢ Grade 12 or other Relevant Qualification
➢ Qualification as Petrol / Diesel Mechanic
➢ 5 years extensive Vehicle Service Centre Management experience
➢ Ability to Read, Write and Speak English
➢ Third Language will be advantageous
➢ Valid drivers' license with own reliable transport
➢ Computer Literacy

Contract Type:

Permanent, Permanent/Contract




Free State
South Africa