Domestic Services

Overview: Skills Program

The main aim of the training is to demonstrate to the learner the skills required  in delivering a high standards of domestic services. The image  of your home  or your business is heavily dependent on the magic makers  – those  that keep  all surfaces clean,  bright, and  hygienic!  The role of maintaining the high levels of hygiene and  cleaning  in your home  or business environment  has  a ripple effect on your family life, your children, your clients and your stress levels!  The equipment, products, and tools associated with these functions have a high and continuous effect, and therefore it can be concluded that having trained staff operating these  tools would be good  business.  The primary purpose of this course is to develop




the foundational,  practical, and reflexive competencies required for a career  in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services  Industry, whether at home or at a workplace in the public or private sector.   Central to the qualification is the development of a culture of quality service and professionalism in a cleaning services environment. This programme has been  designed as the first qualification in the learning pathway in the cleaning  and domestic services sector  and is suited  to the following occupations: contract  cleaning  services, in-house  cleaner, laundry assistant, car wash attendant, garden services, relief cleaner, room attendants, ward hostess, domestic worker and sculler



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