ICDL / ECDL Skills Suite (MS Office)

ICDL / ECDL Skills Suite (MS Office)


In today's workplace, it is important that individuals have the ability to use technology efficiently and effectively. Employers expect job applicants to have computer skills prior to being hired, whereas employees with the right skills have the potential to progress further in their careers.


Certified Computer Skills:


  • Make applicants more attractive to potential employers
  • Enable employees to be more productive
  • Increase the likelihood of career advancement


What Employers Want


Employers know that people with computer skills are more productive. They are more efficient in carrying out tasks that could otherwise be time-consuming. They use technology to communicate more effectively and waste less time troubleshooting IT issues. Employers want employees who are skilled and who will contribute to achieving the goals of the business in the most efficient, effective, and productive manner.


Prove your Skills


ECDL Foundation's certifications prove to your employer or potential employer that you have the skills needed for today's workplace and show that you have achieved a high-quality and internationally recognised standard. With superior syllabi which are uniquely validated to ensure that they are always relevant, up-to-date and meaningful, ECDL Foundation's certifications, through the ECDL / ICDL programme and also the ECDL / ICDL Advanced programme, have already helped over 11 million people to demonstrate their skills and gain a competitive advantage in the employment market.

Choose your Preferred Software Applications

Because ECDL Foundation's certification programmes are vendor neutral, you can train and test using your preferred software applications. The range of programmes offered ensures that you can undertake the right skills programme for employment, whether you are a complete beginner, already have basic knowledge but want to become a fully competent user of computers and standard applications, or a more advanced user.

ECDL / ICDL has become the de facto standard of digital literacy in many educational systems around the world and has been widely adopted by educational ministries, for both students and teachers alike.


The ECDL Certificate is a recognised Skills Programme registered with the MICT Seta.


Individuals selecting this programme will cover the following learning themes:


ECDL Module 1:      Security for IT Users

ECDL Module 2:      IT User Fundamentals – Windows Vista

ECDL Module 3:      Word Processing - Word 2010

ECDL Module 4:      Spreadsheets – Excel 2010

ECDL Module 5:      Database Software - Access 2010

ECDL Module 6:      Presentation Software – PowerPoint 2010

ECDL Module 7:      Using Email and the Internet – IE8


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