Request for Expression of Interest with respect to providing consulting services to Map Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) to Power Skills


South African Oil & Gas Alliance


13 Oct 2016




The South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA) wishes to obtain expression of interest from a suitably qualified consultant to map the skills needed for LNG to Power Projects, in order to assist with planning to develop skills so as to improve the job readiness of South Africans to work on future LNG to Power projects.   



SAOGA is the industry body created to develop and promote South African Oil and Gas service capability and capacity.  The oil and gas sector focuses on the supply of services, the repair and maintenance of onshore and offshore installations and vessels and the fabrication of pre-assembled units to the upstream oil and gas value chain.

South Africa has announced a LNG to Power Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme recently.

The South African labour market is not ready to undertake LNG activities. However, on a global scale, South Africa has produced highly skilled labour and expertise which can be used as a base for developing the skills needed.



The consultant would have a one month period to:

  • Identify current skills (local) with the same unique combination of characteristics as needed for LNG to Power projects.
  • Provide detailed information to SAOGA on precisely what combination of coaching, training and management is required to raise the game of local engineers, technicians and artisans in order to enhance local content.
  • Map the skills required by LNG to Power projects
  • Make clear recommendations with cost estimates of the interventions required



  • Respondents are requested to submit a letter of interest to SAOGA that includes, at minimum, the following information:
  • Demonstration of the Respondent’s appropriate experience in providing the service
  • Reasons why the Respondent is interested in taking on this critical SAOGA project and
  • Reasons why the Respondent believes he or she would be successful in delivering a

   quality product. SAOGA shall not consider RFI submissions to be binding.


Due Date

The letter of interest must be submitted to the individual listed below (under Contact Information) and received no later than 20 October 2016. Costs incurred in responding to this RFI shall be borne solely by the Respondent.


Contact Information

Please address all correspondence to

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Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa